We have selected a vest range of fabrics which are necessary to support our wide range of product. Some of them are functional and others are for leisure purpose. We have taken the popular colors in different markets to form AONE color palette. You can see below fabric chart shows the cut-and-sewn fabric colors which normally in stock and wait for your bespoke order. Different fabrics or colors can be combined according to design to form your unique style.

If you cannot find your favorite color in our range, no worry, we are happy to order for you but you will have to meet minimum order quantity and fabric production leadtime has to be considered.

Download Color Chart PDF


If your favorite color is not in our stock fabric chart, you can still achieve by ordering in sublimation. We have set 23 sublimation color standards with correspond to the cut-and-sewn fabric colors. But please understand that there is unavoidable color difference between dyeing and sublimation colors.

If you cannot choose from these colors, you are welcome to provide your pantone for our color chasing. Fluorescence colors are now also available.