We understand our sport or outdoor wear needs to meet many different situations and severe environment. The fabric function and quality would be the key and have direct impact to the success of the apparel.

We have developed a wide range of performance fabric (AONEtex) with fabric suppliers by trying countless field tests and getting reading by apparatus. Any AONE apparel with these logos would be given confidence to meet the set standard.

UV Resistance
It can block or reflect part of the incoming UV rays so can greatly reduce the UVA radiation of your skin to absorb. The fabric is still be soft to touch and breathable. It is wise to wear these clothes when you are walking or staying outside under strong sunshine.

It is the fabric that resists water but breathable (allow vapour from sweat to evaporate). Water would form beads and run off from the fabric surface whereas micro porous coating at the back of the fabric would allow vapor to pass through, not liquid water.  It is suitable for daily use and keep you dry in outdoor under light rain.

It is the garment that made in showerproof fabric and added with water resistant feature in workmanship to make the garment be totally resistant to penetration by water and wetting. To achieve this, the seam and embroidery have to be specially sealed inside and with waterproof zip. It has strong ability to block out rain and is suitable to use as rainwear or outdoor sports clothing.

Moisture transportation
It accelerates the process of wicking moisture on the skin and evaporate from the clothes aim to keep you cool, drier and comfortable when you may have to sweat for long period of time.

It inhibits bacterial growth to avoid unpleasant odors to be developed.

Air permeability
It allows air to circulate your body to let you feel cooler.

Wind proof
High density weaved fabric to give protection from wind and help to reduce convective heat loss. It often inherent with showerproof function if selected for rain jacket purpose.

It can improve venous return and bring oxygen to muscles which help to relieve pain and prevent muscle strain/ fatigue. Also it helps to wick the sweat away from body to prevent chafing and rashes. There is some evidence that the compression garment can enhance athletic performance.

Besides, it suits for certain occasion to use example to keep undergarment in place or for certain sports (example baseball which you need to come with padding).

Thermal insulation
Clothing heat loss is mainly due to wind, radiation of heat into space and conductive bridging. Our clothes with this symbol would help you to reduce heat loss and keep you warm.