Please read below guidance and the washing instruction label on each of our textile product, they tell you how to look after your garment or kit. It is your responsibility to adhere to them to ensure longer product lifetime and fabric function sustainability.
  • Check if there is sharp item in the pocket before washing

  • Turn garments inside out to reduce abrasion of fabric surface with other garment when they are rolling in the machine.

  • Do not pile up or fold garments while damp, this can cause color transfer


  • Do not iron the embroidery, print or waterproof zip at any time as they cannot resist to heat.

  • There is sometimes we experience a stuck zip, please stop zipping immediately (DO NOT continue to pull rudely) as it would only worsen the situation or damage it. How it is caused most of time is gets caught with the lining or fabric. If it is not too far in, you can simply tugging gently the lining from the inside garment to make it free again. It is not a good idea to pull it up or down.

  • Care your playing kit promptly. Sooner you pretreat and wash the stained clothes, the better is the result. Do not allow mud or stain to be set.

  • Do not leave wet or dirty jersey in your bag, else it will form permanent stain or smell may develop.

  • If stain does not remove in washing, you should:

    1. Not to let it dry or apply with heat as it will set the stain.

    2. Soak the stain in a pre-wash. If it is severe case, it may be necessary to apply a stain remover directly to the stain area and laundering again.


  • Pre-treated heavily soiled sports. You should remove the dirt on the surface and apply undiluted laundry detergent.

  • Pre-soak the heavy stains in a bucket with the warmest water safe for a fabric and a good laundry detergent for one to three hours. Sensitive stains should be rinsed in cold water, and then washed with a non-chlorine bleach product.

  • Must wash separately for the first time and try to wash them separately with garments, especially if they are darker than your kit.

  • Clean the dirt and rinse with water before putting into the machine

GARMENT made in moisture transportation fabrics

  • Do not use fabric softener as it would deteriorate chemical function added on the fabric

  • The washing tempature stated is the maximum water temperature to wash your kit. Different fabrics would need extra care due to its charaterisitic.

  • Wash with like colors and mild detergent

  • Wash inside out and close the zip before washing

  • It indicates the temperature to iron the garment. More the dot, hotter the iron can be.

  • We recommend most of our product to be ironed at low setting (one dot) only.

  • Iron inside out

  • Do not iron the embellishment or surface of waterproof zipper

Do not soak or bleach
Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry any kit

  • Reshape whilst damp

  • Flat or hang dry