Compression Legging TLP3104


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Product Description

We have full range of product from top, shorts and legging. It is a form-fitting garment which is made in our stretchy AONEtex fabrics. We have two separate lines which can suit you for different purpose.

All seams on the garment are sewn by a technique called 4 needle 6 thread in extremely soft and highly stretched thread. It is a kind of flat lock seam done by special machine and can help the garment to keep close possible to your body and reduce abrasion to your body. The seam can be part of the decoration and is not available in all AONE colors plus fluorescence colors.

Warm kit is made in light weight fabric which can help to trap heat and wicks away sweat to circulate your body warm. It gives you 40+UPF protection from the sun.

Cool kit is made in ultra light and highly breathable fabric which accelerates the wicking of your sweat and evaporation to keep you cooler, drier and lighter. It has also the anti-bacterial finishing inhibit bacterial growth to avoid unpleasant odors to be developed. It is ideal for workout in the gym or when the temperature is rising.

1.Improve venous return and bring oxygen to muscles
2.Keep your muscles in the right place and focus your repetitive power
3.Wick sweat away from body to prevent chafing and rashes
4.Helps to relieve pain and prevent muscle strain/ fatigue
5.Quicken muscle recovery time
6.Increased flexion and extension which could reduce injuries chance
7.Enhance athletic performance- accelerated moisture transportation process which helps to make the garment keeps lighter and evaporation would regular your core temperature


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